2016-2017 Basketball Registration

Any child in Kindergarten through 6th grade can participate in the OVYL’s basketball program. Registration can be completed online at ovyl.org from 9/5/2016 to 10/30/2016. If you chose to do online registration you must choose the fundraising buyout option, pay using PayPal, and register each child online SEPARATELY.

For players participating in 3rd- 6th grade basketball this season – If your son or daughter has a uniform (i.e. jersey and shorts) from a previous year that still fits, please select “HAVE ONE” under the “T-Shirt or Uniform Top Size” and “3rd-6th Grade Uniform Short”.  Please confirm that their uniform still fits properly before completing the registration.

For players participating in K-2nd grade basketball, please select shirt size under “T-Shirt or Uniform Top Size”.  All players will be provided a new shirt regardless.  Shorts are not provided for K-2nd players.

Basketball Registration Form (Word)
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Pagoda Pacers Oley Valley Classic

Sunday, November 6, 2016
Pagoda Pacers Oley Valley Classic Flyer

Please ask a local company to purchase a Billboard!!!

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Coach Background Check Required

Background Check Procedure